Advice, information and great tips

What’s going on in Inari in July? And where to get a guide for my hiking trip? E75 Lapland tourist information offices, visitors centres and customer service points will help.


Rovaniemi Tourist Information

Rovaniemi brochures, maps, timetables, events; activity service sales; Rovaniemi products and souvenirs; Internet customer terminal; postal service (Santa Claus Main Post Office postmark).

Lordi’s Square, Maakuntakatu 29–31, FI-96200 Rovaniemi,
tel. +358 16 346 270, +358 40 829 0676,,

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Pilke Science Centre

An experience-rich, interactive science centre for all ages in the wooden-built Pilke building. The exhibition tells of the northern forests and in how many ways we are connected with the forest every day. The customer service desk provides hiking advice and sells the licence and permit products of Metsähallitus. Pilke Shop.

Ounasjoentie 6, FI-96200 Rovaniemi,
tel. +358 205 64 7820,,

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Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava

Located at the foot of the Pyhätunturi fell you will find an enchanting, multisensory nature exhibition showing you the nature and cultural history of the national park – ravines, treeless fell tops and sacred sites of the Forest Sámi. The customer service desk provides travel and hiking advice, Café Loimu serves hot meals and snacks,
and Naava Shop has giftware. Open every day, welcome and enjoy!

Luontotie 1, FI-98530 Pyhätunturi,
tel. +358 205 64 7302,,

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Sodankylä Tourist Information

Located in connection with Museum Gallery Alariesto and displays the lifework and production of the painter
Andreas buy lexapro online ireland Alariesto (1900 – 1989). Internet customer terminal and free wifi .

Jäämerentie 3, FI-99600 Sodankylä,
tel. +358 40 746 9 776,

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Koilliskaira Visitor Centre

Explore the nature and history of the Urho Kekkonen National Park and enjoy magnificent hiking and cross-country skiing trails, fell highland huts, thriving reindeer husbandry traditions and the fell wilderness. Access the nature trails of the national park right outside the building.

Tankavaarantie 11 B,FI-99695 Tankavaara,
tel. +358 205 64 7251,



Saariselkä Customer Service Kiehinen

Saariselkä tourist information, customer service point, huts bookings and keys, hunting and fi shing permit sales, shop, Ruija Trail Exhibition and Multivision presentation.

Kelotie 1/Siula, FI-99830 Saariselkä,
tel. +358 40 168 7838,

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Ivalo Customer Service

Tourist information for the Municipality of Inari, customer service and fishing, hunting and snowmobile permits.

Ivalontie 10, FI-99800 Ivalo,
tel. +358 205 64 7701, /ivalo



Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida

Diverse northern nature and Sámi culture. The Siida Shop museum and nature shop sells e.g. handicrafts, maps and hiking supplies. Tourist information for the Municipality of Inari.

Inarintie 46, FI-99870 Inari,
tel. +358 400 898 212/Sámi Museum, +358 205 64 7740/Nature Centre, ,

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Utsjoki Nature Information hut

Tourist information for the Municipality of Utsjoki, customer service point, information about fishing in the
Tenojoki River region and hiking possibilities in Utsjoki.

Miessipolku 2, FI-99980 Utsjoki,
tel. +358 205 64 7792, , /palvelupisteet/muut/utsjoki